Food quality acetic acid (CH 3 COOH) is colourless flammable liquid with pungent odor, easily soluble in water. It is used in agriculture and food industry as preservative.




1. Acetic acid content, %, min  
Strong 99,7
Water solution 80,0
2. Formic acid content, %, max 0,05
3. Acetic aldehyde content, %, max 0,004
4. Heavy metal content (Pb), %, max 0,00008
5. Fe content, max 0,00003
6. Rhodium content, %, max 0,00005
7. Methyl iodide content, %, max 0,00002
8. Arsenic content, %, max 0,00007
9. Colour stability by potassium permanganate solution, minutes, min 60

It is packed and transported in the suppliers’ or users’ containers in accordance with existing rules for transporting by r/w tank cars, tank trucks, container trucks; in drums (capacity up to 275 dm3) made of 12X18H10T or 10X17H13M2T stainless steel; glass bottles (capacity 10-20 dm3 and bigger), packed in PE drums; as well as in 50 dm3 PE flasks which are approved for use with food products by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Contact of 30% and stronger solution of acetic acid with skin results in burns. In case of contact with skin or eye mucosa wash with plenty of water. Anhydrous acetic acid crystallizes at +16° C, its water solution – at -7° C. When draining (transferring) crystallized acetic acid it has to be heated to 30-40° C without using open fire. Specification is approved by Deputy Chief State Sanitary Inspector of Ukraine and Chief Technical Labor Inspector of the Trade Union Central Committee in Chemical Industry and it is effective since 01.01.1994. Guaranteed storage life – 1 year from production date.

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