Potassium nitrate (KNO3 ) is crystalline powder of white colour sometimes slightly yellowish/greyish. It is readily soluble in water. It is used in various sectors in industry and agriculture: as a component of some gun powders and pyrotechnic compositions; in glass industry for crystal glass decolorization and clarification, for glassware reinforcement; in production of enamels, thermal salts and heat-transfer agents; in metallurgy for metal hardening; as valuable undiluted fertilizer containing two nutrient elements.



Standard for grade B

1. Potassium nitrate content, %, min 99,90
2. Water content, %, max 0,08
3. Chlorine salts as NaCl, %, max 0,017
4. Carbonates as K2 CO3 , %, max 0,01
5. Residue, insoluble in water, %, max 0,01
6. Components oxidized with potassium permanganate as KNO2 , %, max 0,01
7. Magnesium and calcium salts as Ca, %, 0,002
8. max Iron, %, max 0,005

Packing: paper, PE bags or PE-lined paper bags providing product safety on accordance with regulatory-technical documentation. Product net weight: 50 ± 1 kg Transportation: by top-covered r/w cars, top-covered deck vessels and top-covered trucks according to the rules of hazardous cargo transportation established for each type of conveyance. Handling, transportation and storing of potassium nitrate together with inflammable matters, mineral acids, cyanic potassium, rhodanides as well as mixing it with sawdust, straw, coal, peat and other organic matters are not allowed to avoid spontaneous ignition, fire and explosion. Guarantee storage life: unlimited.

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