Methanol technical CH
3OH Colourless transparent fluid without insoluble impurity. Mixs up with a water without tracks of turbidity.


The name of a parameter

The norm

1. Density 0,791-0,792
2. Temperature limits  
a) Boiling, oC 64,0-65,5
b) 99% of a product is overtaken limits,oC,no more 0,8
3. Mass share of a water, %, no more 0,05
4. Mass share of free acids in recalculation on a formic acid, %, no more 0,0015
5. Mass share of aldehydes and ketones in recalculation on an acetone, %, no more 0,003
6. Mass share of volatile connections of iron in recalculation on iron, %, no more 0,00001
7. Test with permanganate of potassium, not less 60
8. Mass share of ammonia and aminocompounds in recalculation on ammonia, %, no more 0,00001
9. Mass share of chlorine, %, no more 0,0001
10. Mass share of sulfur, %, no more 0,0001
11. Mass share of the not volatile rests after evaporation, %, no more 0,001
12. Electrical conductivity, Ohm-1 sm-1 , no more 3,10-7

Pack and transport in specially selected(allocated) railway tanks, auto tanks, steel barrels by capacity 200dm3

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