Formaline (aqueous-methanol solution of formaldehyde) is colourless clear liquid. During storage white coloured precipitate may form, which is dissolves at temperature not higher than 40 C. Formaline is used in production of: synthetic resins; synthetic rubber; surface-active substances; polyhydric alcohols; dimethoxymethanes and other methylene derivatives. It is widely used in: paper industry for improving paper strength and quality; in tanning industry - for leather tanning; in textile industry - for improving crease - and shrink - proofing properties; in agriculture - for treatment of seeds and roots, desinfection of soil and stock buildings; in medicine - as a disinfectant.



Standard for FM type





1. Formaldehyde content, % 37,2 0,3 37,0 0,5
2. Methanol content, % 4-8 4-8
3. Content of acids as formic acid, %, max 0,02 0,04
4. Iron, %, max 0,0001 0,0005
5. Residue after calcination, %, max 0,008 0,008

Packing - r/w cars and tank trucks equipped with tanks of aluminium or stainless steel; PE large bottles, containers; drums of aluminium, stainless steel or steel with anticorrosive coating with capacity up to 200 dm3. It is transported by r/w and road in top covered transportation means in accordance with existing cargo transportation rules. Commercial formaline is stored in heated storage tanks, made of materials ensuring product quality at 10-25 C. When stored in manufacturer's packing - in heated storehouses at 10-25 C. Guaranteed storage life: three months from production date.

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