Ammonium carbonate salt are a mixture of ammonium carbonates, in particular ammonium bicarbonate NH4HCO3 (75-88%) and ammonium carbonate (NH4)2CO3(6-12%). It is used in organic synthesis and dyeing processes, chemicals production, flotation processes, chrome leather dressing, in agriculture as fertilizer (is very effective for potatoes, vegetable and forage crops) and as feed preservative. Ammonium carbonate salts possess unique denitrating properties and slow down or stop soil nutrification processes promoting and high crop yield. In preservative mass/fodder grains of higher humidity, grinded corncobs, silage, haylage, hay, humid raw flax, etc./ with ammonium carbonate salts as a preservative putrefactive processes are ceased, high nutrient substances preservation is provided, nitrate content is reduced as well as fodder active acidity and protein content is increased.


Characteristic description

Grade standards



1. Appearance Crystals of white, grey or pink colour
2. Mass portion of ammonia (NH3), %, not less than 21,0 20,7
3. Mass portion of residue after annealing, %, not more than 0,008 0,02

Product unstable on the air, subjected to decomposition with ammonia and carbon dioxide separation. Packing: in sealed open-mouthed PE bags. Product net mass - 40± 1 kg. Transportation: by all kinds of covered transport except by air accoding to the rules for goods shipments, set for the specified means of transportation. Storage: in non-heated air ventilated areas. Storage temperature should not exceed 35° C. Guaranteed storage life - 12 months from the production date.

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